About Us

The 700 square-foot establishment is a virgin venture by husband-and-wife team, Soo San and Sherin. The couple travels around the world, including Scotland, Japan, Taiwan and many other countries in search of their favourite drams. An avid collector of the dubbed ‘liquid gold’ for more than ten years, Soo San pursues prized vintages from distilleries, whisky shops and even small run-down liquor dealers and grocery stores in remote areas all around the world. His ‘loot’ quickly filled up the shelves in his home, which prompted his wife to ask whether her husband would be able to drink up every drop of his then-collection of over 200 bottles in his lifetime.
Soo San quickly found a solution to a potentially out-of-hand situation, which led to the birth of this business idea. When choosing a name for the bar, Soo San was reminded by Sherin, that he has a “Writing Club”. It is the name of the gang of whisky-loving friends that gather in their living room for a night of whisky tasting. The code-name given for these night-out drinking was meant for the ears of the wives of these gentlemen, hopefully would lead their significant others to think they were out sharpening their literary skills. Little did they know their wives never bought this tall story. But the truth is not too far from it, they did write down something far more useful – the tasting notes of every whisky that passed their lips.