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This one is going straight to the bar from delivery cos we can’t wait to taste it! 1982 Port Ellen, selected by Whisky Magazine for Whisky Live Tokyo and New York. Aged for 24 years fully in a sherry cask, it was bottled in 2006 at 57.6% ABV. Moist wood, oiled leather, tobacco, tar, ashes, seafood, spices are some “interesting” descriptions that had been noted for this particular expression. Available now in The Writing Club by the drams.
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The Whiskyman is a Belgian bottler that has 37 bottlings under their brand. Among those are three Littlemills and the bottle dubbed “Sympathy for Whisky” featured here is the highest rated among the trio.

Distilled 1988 and bottled 2012 at 54.2% ABV. It is a fruit bomb on the nose as well as on the palate. Lots of fruits (orange, mango, banana) with a bit of floral note (on the palate). Finish is long, changing from fruity note to eventual spices.

The Whiskyman’s Littlemill is now available by the dram in The Writing Club!
The Writing Club
The Writing Club1 week ago
Dram Talk is back after a long break. This time we invited Li Chunfeng (Li), owner of The Drunken Master Whisky Bar (TDM) in Kaohsiung/Organiser of Whiskyfair Takao. If you ever visited TDM, you will see that more than half of the bar’s collections are from German bottler, The Whisky Agency (TWA). That makes Li one of the subject matter experts when it come to TWA bottlings. Li will share about the whisky culture in Taiwan and the important role independent bottlers play in shaping the whisky scene in Taiwan as well as in Asia. 4 expressions from TWA selection will be shared. Light snacks will also be provided to complement the tasting. Seats are limited and it is on first come first serve basis. Reserve your seat with us through our reservation email or call us directly during our operating hours (1pm to 12am daily)
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Banff 1971 Dead Whisky Society. Distilled 4 March 1971, aged 37 years in cask# 633 and bottled on 6 August 2008.

Nose: Minerals, citrus, candy
Palate: Vanilla, cream, light smoke, hint of chemical flavours, spices
Finish: Long and changing

Takes time to extract the full range of flavours within.

Available by the drams in The Writing Club

Reserve your dram at reservation@thewritingclub.com.sg

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Chichibu distillery has always been one of our favourites, evident in the 20 over expressions available in the bar by the dram, as well as more than 40 others in our collections. Among these, cask#388 has a special place in our heart. Aside from the fact that it is one of the earlier vintage (2009) and matured in a quarter cask (Chibidaru), it is also one of the toughest to find (total of 159 bottles). Bottled 2014, it took us a lot of time to locate and bring in, just to be quickly opened by our guests that caught wind of our acquisition. The expression is rich in tobacco, dark chocolate and hazelnut flavours on both the nose and palate. Come by The Writing Club if you enjoy a good Chichibu as much as we do and you will not be disappointed with this.
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Irish whisky, jointly bottled by The Whisky Agency, Aren Trading (ART/Taiwan) and 3 Rivers (TR/Japan). Distilled 1989, bottled 2017 at 44.7% ABV, this is truly a fruit bomb. Nose: sweet fruits, banana, tangerine. Palate: mixture of sweet (passion fruit, or maybe easier to identify as fruit gums cos it’s sweeter than natural fruits) and citrus (grapefruit, mandarin orange) fruits. Finish: Medium, with grassy end note (not a bad thing, fresh cut grass). A very “comfortable” dram to start an evening, or be the only drink for the whole evening.

Available in The Writing Club by the drams and a few limited bottles.