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1981 Glenfarclas, bottled for Pen x Shinanoya, Salon de Shimaji series. Matured for 32 years in a port pipe, this expression exude fragrance and sweetness of stewed (or preserved) fruits, and slowly open up with time and let off floral, tea leaves and mild oak notes.

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The Writing Club
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Bar Metro was a bar, cafe, bottle shop and independent bottler of single malt whiskies (all in one) founded by Giorgio D’Ambrosio. He is an early advocate of single malt Scotch whisky in Italy since the 1960s.

The vast whisky knowledge of the proprietor at the Milanese bar has been used to select a number of whiskies for own-label bottlings, including this UD Longmorn for their 50th Anniversary. Distilled in 1990 and bottled in 2016 after 25 years of aging in bourbon cask, this single malt embodied fruitiness of the distillate and the influence of cask (spice, vanilla, wood) in perfect harmony.

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The Writing Club
The Writing Club1 week ago
Bas-Armagnac is one of the three plantation areas in the Armagnac region where grapes for the distillation of the Armagnac eau-de-vie can be cultivated. The Domaine d’Espérance is located in Cazaubon, in Gascony in the middle of Grand Bas-Armagnac south of Bordeaux, It has been known for its attractive looking 17th-century chartreuse house. Jean-Louis and Claire de Montesquiou bought the domain in 1990 and revived the site. They started producing their own wines and ageing and blending their own Armagnac which considered by many as one of the top producers in that area.

The Writing Club is proud to be the selected venue for the first ever tasting event of Domaine d’Espérance in Singapore, on 1st May 2019, from 2pm to 330pm. 4 expressions from the house will be featured. The event will be hosted by owner and maker, Claire de Montesquieu.

Book your seat today at reservation@thewritingclub.com.sg or call us at 9362 8626.
The Writing Club
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Nikka Taketsuru 25 years old was released in 2012 as a limited edition. This blended malt is made up of malts, aged for at least 25 years, from Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries. This bottle is now a rare sight in retail market. This pure malt whisky is now available in The Writing Club by drams.
The Writing Club
The Writing Club3 weeks ago
Craigellachie 1990, bottled for The Whisky Find (Taiwan) under the series “Classic of Mountains and Seas” in 2017. Drawn from a refilled hogshead #5402, after 27 years of maturation, it is bottled at 49.6% ABV and yield 285 bottles. Available now by drams in The Writing Club.
The Writing Club
The Writing Club4 weeks ago
A workhorse distillery, Glenlossie has long been regarded as an excellent distillery by blenders. However this single malt whisky is rather obscure, exists mostly as independent bottling. Here we have a 1995 Glenlossie, bottled by Carn Mor under their “Celebration of the Cask” selection. Note of overly ripen fruits greets the nose, accompanied with hint of oiliness. On the palate the fruitiness is even more prominent, coupled with flavour of spices, honey, floral tea and buttered toast in good balance. Finish is moderately long with notes of butter and cream ( kind of reminds me of butter cookies)